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NEW From
Herby Wallace Productions

Yes, I have just released another listening album titled "Touring With Herby." It was a great time and here are the songs we selected.
  1. Fly Me To The Moon
  2. I'll Be A Legend In My Time
  3. Little Girl
  4. Another Bridge to Burn
  5. I'm Beginning to See The Light
  6. That's All That Matters (mp3 sample)
  7. Rocky Top (mp3 sample)
  8. Rock Candy (mp3 sample)
  9. Best Worse Thing
  10. Time Changes Everything
Pedal Steel Guitar: Herby Wallace
Pianist: Charlie Rule
Guitar & Banjo: Gary Davis (3 Time National Champion)
Drums: Herby Wallace III
Bass & Scat: Ben Brogdon
Studio: Mikron, S. Pittsburg, TN
Engineer-Mike Headrick
Inspiration and Song Selection: Bunny Wallace
Artwork: Andrea Wallace Williams
Layout and Song Selection: Jenny Davis
Mastering: Seva, Soundcurrent Mastering
Recorded July 8th & 21st, 2003


Touring With Herby
Rhythm Tracks
CD HWP-8003RTTracks-$18.00
CD Package!!
Both CD's-$30.00

Shipping & Handling $6.00
Tennessee Shipments add 9.5% State sales tax
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