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Infrared ME262 Super Pedal

This pedal has no Pot and it is not a light beam pedal.  This is new technology that works like the infrared bar code scanner on the cash register at the supermarket.  THE REASON FOR YOUR TONE PROBLEMS HAS ALWAYS BEEN YOUR FOOT PEDAL. Pot pedals change tone as they change volume.  Old Pot pedals actually take away signal and tone quality.  Tired of pot noise?  With the ME262-B (Patent Pending) there is no noise, just smooth, clean, quality sound.  In music, the only thing that matters is the sound!  With this pedal you will have a better sound because the sophisticated electronics inside this revolutionary pedal will bring out all your guitar can offer, and MORE!  There is even an advance pre-amp incorporated into the electronics.  A 12 volt adapter is furnished with the unit.  The housing is grade "A" cast aircraft aluminum.  Height is important!  The pedal has THE LOWEST height profile in the industry.  This handsome pedal even looks better than other pedals.  Here are some things the professionals are saying: "The sound is outrageous!"  "This will revolutionize steel guitar foot pedals!"  You won't believe the sweet quality tone and the big clean sound! WHY LET AN OLD FASHIONED POT PEDAL BE THE WEAK LINK IN YOUR SOUND SYSTEM?

ME262 price is: $285.00 + $12.00 s/h
ME262 low profile price is $305.00 +$12.00 s/h

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