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Herby Wallace-Coming Back CD


As many of you know, I had a stroke in April 2006 which affected the coordination in my right hand. I am proud to say that with the encouragement of my family, musicians and friends, I have just released a new album which is the first one I have recorded since the stroke. The album is titled "Herby Wallace-Coming Back". I have included what I feel is a good selection of standard tunes that I get a lot of rezuests for. The songs inluded are: A Way to Survive, Born To Lose, We Could, On A Slow Boat To China*, I love You So Much, Hang Your Heard In Shame*, April's Fool*, Make The World Go Away*, I'd Rather Be Sorry and Smile*. (Links are to mp3 samples).

I also have a rhythm track CD available which is excellent quality. I also must add that this was recorded live with real musicians and not Band-In-A-Box as many of the albums on the market today. I may be "old fashioned" but I still appreciate the difference of having live musicians on my projects. The musicians on the album are some of my all time favorites: Herby Wallace III (drums), Gary Davis (rhythm & lead guitars), Ben Brogdon (bass), Charlie Rule (piano) and Jack Molette (lead guitar). I have six of the above tunes tabbed out, they are denoted with an asterick. The other four tunes are already available in some of my previous courses.

If you would like to order the new album, the price of the CD or the Rhythm Track CD is $15.00 each or both for $25.00. The tabs are $3.95 each. I also have a super special which includes both CD's and all six tabs for only $35.00. Shipping & handling is $6.00. We also accept visa, mastercard or discover.


Coming Back
CD-HWP-Coming Back-$15.00
Rhythm Tracks
CD Tracks-$15.00
CD Package!!
Both CD's & all Tab-$35.00
Individual Tab
$3.95 per song (tab only)

Shipping & Handling $6.00
Tennessee Shipments add 9.5% State sales tax
Payment: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Check or Money Order
(Sorry no COD's)